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  • 2016 Exams

    All children in Year 6 and above will be taking examinations on their return to school after half term.

    They have all been given their exam timetables but a copy is also available on the parents part of the school website for your reference.

  • 2017 House Steeplechase

    Saturday 4th November saw a fabulous afternoon for the House Steeplechase.

    A full photo album of over 170 photos are available to browse on the S. Anselm’s Facebook page, here:


  • 3-D Printer Success!

    There has been much excited chatter around school this week
    about the 3D printer, and eager anticipation around the opening of the
    Innovation Centre. We have had great success in printing out our first few


    The photos above show an
    octopus complete with moveable joints and the S. Anselm’s crest which we will
    display in school. 

    A number of students
    in Year 6 have spent the last few weeks learning how to use the printing
    software and have designed and printed various smaller objects including a
    castle paper weight, a robot, a rocket and plaques for their bedroom
    doors.  We look forward to developing
    everyone’s skills further and to some more amazing creations.


  • 3000 Years Old!

    3000 Years Old!!!

    Year 3 were thrilled when Christian brought in a piece of wood which archaeologists believe dates back to the Bronze Age!

    The piece of wood is from Must Farm in Peterborough and has been preserved in the peat since 1200BC. The woo…

  • A fascinating visit to Bakewell Church with Canon Tony

    The children in Year 2 enjoyed a fascinating visit to All Saints’ Church in Bakewell last week, as part of their Religious Studies curriculum. How lucky we are to be able to walk 5 minutes down the road and have such a lovely church on our doorstep!

    We were greeted by Canon Tony who kindly took the time to show us around and explain the many different features of the church.  The children enjoyed looking at the font – so much so that George W leaned over and his glasses tumbled into the water!  Thankfully they weren’t damaged and, in fact, we all felt they had been properly blessed and truly welcomed into the church!


    After this we looked at the prayer corner and Canon Tony lit a candle and said a special prayer for S. Anselm’s, and for all the pupils and staff who work there.  Next, the children were invited to the altar and had the opportunity to see what it would be like to speak or read from the pulpit.

    Before we left the children listened to the organ being played and even had chance to ring one of the church bells.

    Thank you to Canon Tony for spending so much time with Year 2, it was a very interesting visit. 

  • A glorious afternoon of House Football matches

    Saturday saw over eighty boys playing football on top field representing their Houses. It was great to see the Year 3s competing with the much more physical Year 5s in the Junior competition and similarly the Year 6s competing with the Year 8s in the Senior competition.

    Top field was warm and the grass a luscious green. Mr Price, who has been a teacher at S. Anselm’s for over 40 years commented this week that the top field is as good as he has seen and so thank you to the ground staff for all of their hard work over the summer. The Cope pavilion was looking great in its new green outfit and the cakes, sandwiches, teas and coffees were appreciated throughout the afternoon.

    The Junior House matches were very competitive. We played 7 a side and it was great to see the boys all getting involved. Highlights from the day have to include the spectacular shot from James S (W) from the half way line which clipped the crossbar on the way into the net. Edward P (W) also made some spectacular saves in goal along with Christian C (N) who read the danger at the back very well keeping Nelson’s goals conceded to a minimum. Finley T (P) was an excellent striker and his dribbling with the ball at pace was wonderful to see. At the other end of the spectrum Freddie H and Neville W were power houses for their team, muscling their way from defence to attack like Arnie Schwarzenegger. There were many Year 3s who got on the score sheet, which is a tremendous effort and so well done to Arthur H, Rudy O, Freddie H and Kingsley H.

    Match results:

    Wellingtons  (James S)                                    1 – 3     Churchills (Zach C 2, Neville W)

    Pitts  (Jack G, Finley T)                                  2 – 4    Nelsons (Freddie Hic 3, Freddie H)

    Churchills  (Neville W 2, Zach C)                  3 – 0    Nelsons

    Pitts  (Kingsley H)                                          1 – 4    Wellingtons (Rufus H 2, James S 2)

    Churchills  (Zach C, Bruno F 2, Neville W)   4 – 1    Pits (Arthur H)

    Wellingtons  (Rufus H)                                   2 – 3    Nelsons (Rudy O, Freddie Hic 2)


    The Junior Player of the Tournament for each house went to:

    Wellingtons –   Edward P

    Churchills –      Neville W

    Pitts –               Rory K

    Nelsons –         Freddie H


    The overall Junior House Football results:

    1st – Churchills

    2nd – Nelsons

    3rd – Wellingtons

    4th – Pitts


    In the Senior House competition there was lots of hype and well done to the new House Captains who really got their teams into shape and all of the boys were up on top field practising in their houses prior to kick off. Wellingtons were the King of the Draws as they picked up two points in all three games, giving them a goal difference of 0, which sadly handed 2nd place overall to Churchills. There were some good passages of play as the teams worked hard to find weaknesses in the opposition defence. Some of the highlights were Josh N’s incredible save against Wellingtons to deny what otherwise would have been a sensational goal.


    Match results:

    Churchills (Colin W, Charles W, Marlow C, Alec F)             4 – 0     Nelsons

    Pitts                                                                                         0 – 0     Wellingtons

    Wellingtons                                                                             0 – 0     Churchills

    Pitts (Eduardo J)                                                                     1 – 0     Nelsons

    Churchills (Alec F)                                                                  1 – 4     Pitts (Alfie W, Eduardo J 2, Bruno K)


    Well done to the Senior Player for each house:

    Wellingtons –   Vladimir P

    Churchills –      Alec F

    Pitts –               Eduardo J

    Nelsons –         Josh N


    The overall Senior House Football results:

    1st – Pitts

    2nd – Churchills

    3rd – Wellingtons

    4th – Nelsons


    A full album of photos can be seen our on school Facebook page at:




  • A Michaelmas Concert to remember

    On Friday evening S. Anselm’s welcomed parents, family and friends to enjoy a lively and inspiring Michaelmas concert in the Hargreaves Hall.

    The concert included nearly every ensemble in the school who all performed extremely well. It began with a rousing Junior Choir’s rendition of Joseph’s Amazing Technicolour Dreamcoat, which set the tone for a memorable concert. The diversity of repertoire performed was dramatic ranging from Verdi’s Nabucco to Herbie Hancock.

    Thank you to everybody who took part and particular thanks go to the wonderful solo performances delivered by Isobel E, Sam CC, Will H, Orla M and Jack K.

    A full album of photographs is available on the S. Anselm’s Facebook page here:

  • A trip to the Manchester Christmas Markets

    The Boarders enjoy the Christmas Markets in Manchester

    We love the varied boarding programme at S. Anselm’s and we try incredibly hard to offer activities and trips that are different from the everyday curriculum. We play interesting sports, invent new games and get out and about in the beautiful local countryside with odd trips out to explore different cultures.

    Going to the city today was a great and fairly new experience for many.  We pitched up to Grindleford to get the train into Manchester Piccadilly. On the train there were lovely views out over the Peak District, going through Hathersage and Hope before entering into the suburbs and then seeing the Hilton Hotel towering the skyline indicating we were getting very close to the city centre. As we stepped off we walked down through the city and into the very busy Christmas Markets. There were stalls with foods from around the world, toys created from all sorts of weird and wonderful materials and the atmosphere literally buzzing. Our Spanish pupils thoroughly enjoyed some paella as they heard how life was going in Spain and charming their way into getting a large paella for a little bowl price!

    Miss Phillips and Mrs Dinnigan hugely enjoyed their day with the children and we walked a good distance in the lovely wintry day. It really is amazing how soon places start to enjoy Christmas and there were even carol singers on the streets raising money for charity. The boys then walked down to the Football Museum and enjoyed playing some of their interactive games while the girls went into the Arndale centre. 

    A few treats were bought and everyone agreed that it was a fabulous day out. The evening had in store a delicious roast lamb before a relaxing Sunday evening. The children all wrote letters home before crashing out for a bit of David Attenborough’s Planet Earth II.

    A quick note before Exeat: please can the boarders bring back a Christmas jumper for the boarders feast and for the last couple of years we have done Secret Santa. The children will pick out of a hat a name of a boarder before the weekend and if they can please buy a little present (no more than £5), wrap it up and put Dear Name, Love Santa that would be fabulous. Have a great Exeat all and everyone is very welcome to join us for Church and Boarders roast supper on Sunday 27th November – please just let Mr Wood know at so that we cater for the correct numbers.


  • A Very Special Christening

    As part of our topic on belonging the children in Year 1 shared stories from their own experiences of Christenings and decided to re-enact a Christening Ceremony.

    We prepared our classroom for the special occasion, put up balloons, made pictures, gift…

  • All Fired Up – by the Great Fire of London

    We have seen some pretty exciting events taking place in Year 2 already this year, but the highlight so far is possibly our very own arson attempt … by recreating the Great Fire of London!

    We firstly made our 3D replica Tudor buildings by working in pairs and we took care to show the famous Tudor style black and white decoration, thatched roofing and tiered design. We were pleased with our final products but were careful not to get too attached as before we knew it, we were lining them up on the field imagining it was Pudding Lane in 1666 and Mr Newton was setting them alight.

    Just as in September 1666, it was a windy day and the fire caught hold immediately and the houses were burnt to ash within no time at all. As we watched our work go up in flames, we had different reactions. For some, it was a really exciting and fun event; “It was the second best experience of my life!” (Freddie L) whereas some could really empathise with the people who had lost important things; “I thought it was going to be fun, but when it got to my house, I felt really sad inside.” (Maia B).  As the embers of the fire were finally dying down, some even tried to get it going again by blowing on it whilst others stood silently reflecting on the experience.

    As well as watching and experiencing our fire, we had the special task of also filming it on the iPads as part of our Project this term. We can’t wait to now use the footage alongside the Green Screen Technology so that we can have live news reports from the scene of action!