About Us


We so often forget our prep school and tend to keep our friends from secondary school and university. The aim of the Old Anselmian website is to help OA’s reconnect with the school and friends that were made in our formative years.

The school has changed physically so much in the past years and the pastoral care and general ambiance of the school is so different from what most “older” OA’s will remember. So with this new website and a renewed team of people looking after the OA’s we hope that many of you will come back, take a look around and remember the good times.

We also want to promote an OA’s network and try to put old pupils in contact with one another from a professional point of view. So please put as much detail about you and your current situation into the contact area that you feel happy being made public.

One of my main aims for the OA community is to create a “Dragon’s Den” style initiative where recent S. Anselmian pupils that may be starting out on an entrepreneurial voyage can meet other successful OA’s or current parents.